Tuesday, May 29, 2007

relook: Hue

hue, the imperial tombs. behind us, a giant mount of turd. below it, a fallen emperor. size: about the size of NUH.llama.

the imperial guards.the bishop of gay.

I just had to post up some fotos, snce i'm probably going back there again..just to enjoy the cheap food and booze...the one thing im dreading are the bus rides though...they are really hellish.

relook: hoi an - old town, my favourite city

just wanted to do some covers back on hoian cos nanzun reminded me that i didnt continue after nhatrang..so here it is..with my favourite kid at cua dai beach, dun be lazy be crazy, dun be angry be hungry! i was dam fit then.
as i mentioned..all their shophouses look nice and oldie on the outside..but a strong flavour of art deco, frenchcolonialism indochine touch..very nice very nice...
cua dai beach!! haven man...check out the LALA..its huge..and the bowl of sauce beside is heavenly..coupled with some pineapple fruit juice..yumm and of course, their calamari/sotong is irresistible!!

us catchin' a tan at cua dai, with beer huda in hand
the 5dollar per half hour massage..totally rocks man!

one of the temples in hoi an old town
our favourite......wantons!
for the benefit of jasper ang, dehan hong gonads, nanzun and jister, here's one for you...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Post-MUNUS blues

Back after a whirlwind trip at MUNUS, where we had lots of fun getting locked out of our dorms, facing the similar conditions from 2 years back...and also very achey bodies.. a first time experience falling asleep watching the FA cup final though, which was thoroughly disappointing...even DogBa fell asleep!

so well, there goes my weekend, and i'm back at NUH at 8am for my daily dose of schizo/bipolar patients..

oh, and of course, the ever good traditional kaya toast, half boiled eggs and kopi at the NUH kopitiam. mmm....comfort food...

June! come fast!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


So far, just a quick check:

General Surgery - AH
General medicine - NUH
Orthopaedics - CGH, SGH
Emergency Med - SGH
Diagnostic Radiology - TTSH
Fam Med - bedok polyclinic (singhealth)
Psycho Med - NUH

See how the trend shifts from NHG to SingHealth and back to NHG again? i'm just fated to stay at NUH forever lah. What with short postings and O&G and Paeds left, i'm destined to stay at NUH for the rest of my M3 life...after enjoying myself so much at SGH and CGH...

And strangely, they like to NOT post me to the nearest hospital which is tan tockseng, and i find that strangely REPULSIVE.

I've heard TTSH is world-renowned (chuckles) for its teaching and i've yet to experience that...worse still, i haven't even stepped into the wards and all i've got from that 1 week posting was in some dingy basement conference room with lectures that stretched for eons and never end...

Oh, SingHealth, thy come save me!


Specially dedicated to flynn loo aka foo wee yee lynn:

hope you enjoy your time in london!


zhng my blog

my interests lie in zhng-ing all things possible, and when i don't have money to zhng my car, no kicks to zhng my brain, den i'm zhng-ing my blog at no extra costs. hee..just check out the bars on the right man, live news feed, videos from youtube, new flooble chatterbox that promises not to hang on me...yeah!

lets see whats been going on for the past few weeks:


Thanks for making it extra special guys, probably one of the best birthdays i've had :)

Special mention goes out to cheang who gave me a new Massimo Dutti wallet, which i'll postup pictures of it..verypretty and functional :) and also surprising me with a custom ice-cream cake (literally icecream, bravissimo styled) at the playground below my house at midnight..hurhur.. Thanks dear :)

Also, to my meddie brudders, brought me out for a night at St james, queueing at several clubs to try to get in on my birthday proper...it was nice to finally see the place man, some oldie crowd there...literally seeing our grannies partying away..hurhur...and thanks guys for inducing some puke in me every 30minutes...only recovered from GE a couple of days before ah...but its always great to hang with the meddie bros, knowing we're gonna be there for each other...probably forever.

Next up, my brudders who've been thru thick and thin with me, treating them to a sumptuous zhichar at our favourite town, AMK, over some SingHa beer..it was good man, our first meetup together since god knows when..and thanks for the Big Toys guys, they're displayed proudly on my bedroom floor cos its so big...hurhur...it was really great man, all the usual laughter and jokes and jiaoing of pple (sorry man col bro) the stupid antics, can hardly believe we're 21/22..
sorry man bro, i just had to put this up...haha..some praying mantis there...
k now for the proper shot...
And finally, the Meddies, the library gang, rag gang, the don and doraemon gang again, but really the phuket gang in disguise, for planning such a wonderful birthday outing to sentosa on sunday morning, with a well thought out present that has been serving me very well indeed:) Thanks loads! The people that i can talk to about just anything and always never fail to liven up the party..as usual, the jokes, antics and jiaoing (sorry man darren) are always fun and will never stop...
And finally to all those peeps out there, who wished me happy birthday, long lost friends, meddie friends, THANKS!!! i need more time to catch up!!

The best 22nd birthday ever *beams* (actually the only 22nd i'll ever have)

Will post up pics once i get them..i've given up on my camera since your samsungs, sony ericcsons are more powerful than my minolta..and your cybershots and canons are maybe 3 times more pixels than mine..hurhur

and found this pic while ripping my bday pics off colin's facebook..i just had to post it up!
one for the gayness...no love lost:Okay anyway, please visit my links beside and take alook, and keep my flooble alive please!

love all,
will blog again,

P.S. WATCH 28 WEEKS LATER MAN!! gore you to death.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


April has always been one of the busiest months of my calendar..not say alot of months also only 12..but yea, it probably became the busiest ever since medical school came into play...

Early april
of course, its the bloody pros that usually take up much of the time. all that worrying, insomnia, palpitations...usually weightloss but in recent years, it's pretty much turned over to weight gain..

This time of this year tho, I was pretty much hauling myself back from the dead and enjoying much of my time in emed...no break still...and den it was diagnostic radio which wa pretty slack, except for the fact that i had TEN writeups to submit..as well as multiple redundant logbook entries.

mid april went pretty much well with a break to our nearby neighbours..where cheap food and stuff apparently don't exist anymore. however though, malaysia food really can qie singapore man..i mean, authetic good stuff man!

End april
end april appears to have been set for me, other than falling sick from GE over the past 2 days, also being exposed to much rhinoviruses from the GP posting, falling asleep during the GP postings...hmm..and well. lots of things to settle for the electives!!

it's so exciting that everyone's talking about electives now..especially when our seniors have just gone off for theirs...its really time to apply man, have got some firm ideas in mind, but haven't quite settled except for 1..

Yupp, its gonna be a 4 month elective, and since all the meddie brudders are going over to NY for the 4th month, I might as well, checked out the location, its superb man! plus the teaching in US genereally better i heard. 3 weeks roadtrip after! hmm.

yeah, actually since M1 i've been pretty much looking forward to going to London, but what with the popularity of that supposedly cold and depressing place, combined with the early deadlines, as well as my Pros and Emed falling right 3 weeks before the deadline, i didnt have anytime for that. sadness is me :( hurhur.

But oh well, 1st 2 months local electives are pretty much set! compulsory 1 month projectwork anyway.

3rd month is tricky...kisobo in tanzania! was discussing with the peeps today..it's pretty much a real choice, cos i really wanna chek that place out ya..and of cos lots of hands on.

yup, so 2 or 3 more places left in mind..

In the meantime, i'm looking forward to the short break cheang has with me...especially since i'm still doing Fam med, not much homework to be done, not much needed to be read..

and it's HIGH TIME WE GET TO DO SOME SHOPPING!! think i've been starved for too long...

and damned, Man U better win the title this year man!! so close...and i'm so glad their jersey sponsor's been changed to Nike...this year's jersey's sooo classy..i'm sooo yearning for it...

and ronaldo's gonna be the player of the season no doubt.

it's time to shop for a new wallet too, and new shoes..apparently cheang things my shoes have become so dysmorphic they don't look like shoes anymore...and oh well, i guess iits time i look more presentable during clinics..tho i think i look pretty respectable liao. hmm.

mannzz...must save up save up!! electives at new york's not gonna be cheap! and june hols haven't yet decided...gosh..lcukily havent been drivin to gp clinics recently..save some petrol lah huh...but GE consult has set me bak by $38...!@#$%^& why my GPs never ever gimme free consults one huh...fuck!

speaking of which, time for my 3rd servicing for my beloved mazda..good time, snce i won't be driving anyway...and yes, bros, i'm still saving up to zhng...yeah top most on my mind would of course be the rims...im still looking...gunmetal or silver's a little dull for me..looking at chrome(expensive) or white(hard to maintain cos i'm a lazy boy)...but yeah still lookin, and body kit, more or less settled on Kenstyle for the longrun...front grille of cos, lohloh's got a good deal ive jsut been procrastinating..fianlly a recent add on i've seen on the roads...VG sharkfin antenna in velocity red! totally rocks man..according to jos, it really helps aerodynamically...and saw this black m3 with a floating spoiler from JDM..chio!

well, Man U 4 watford 1...possibly more..adios!
footie with the botaks tmr..finally..keith's farewell...again...rich pilot i'm looking forward to ur treat tmr...hoho!

peace out.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Man marks his return

Hello all!

it's so heartening to realise that my dear friends are still keeping up on the progress of my otherwise mundane life on this blog...my god! even I have totally forgotten about it, having not visited it myself for the past few months...HAHA..yes yes, what with COFM and pharmaco (grr...) pros, emed, and of course medsocky works..

haha so i shall not disappoint and maybe start blogging again..when i have the time..and after various comments 24 hrs after i blogged, i realise i haven't lost my midas touch, still keeping up with my style of writing that my dear friends have so unfortunately discovered...

The well used template beginning with "im so excited abt xxx(particular event being discussed) " followed by a very disappointingly anticlimatic "BUT, fuck lah!, in the end dam boring" kinda ending...hohohohohohohohoho!!!

and my dear cg mate celeb pron has kindly reminded me to publicise about his blog at prawnfret.blogspot.com hohohohohoho!!! absolutely scrumptious!!

in the meantime, i've discovered blogs with frighteningly similar contents, some of which i shall emulate as follows...

1) P-plate!

I've finally been able to take off my p plates after a year, though many of my friends thot me safe and veteran enuff a driver to have been able to take them off a couple of years ago..that said, being lazy hb, i don't take off my pplates...cos it doesnt really matter cos im still terrorising cars on ze roads...eg. tailgating, speeding(almost caught twice in 2 days), beating red lights etc. hohohoho!!

but aiya, actually its still there cos my darling amanda drives the fiery red beauty sometimes..so yup!

P-plate, count your blessings ur coveted spot on my windscreens still obscure the birdshit that drops everyday..

2) Ambulance runs

I think i've mentioned it liao, but on a lighter note, i porned nightcall on friday night to meet up with old pals jasper and co at smoo, sharing a beer and so, more to come perhaps...

and well, last week of emed! im gonna miss it, SGH totally rocks my sox, i really love the ED man, esp dam good profs who teach really well and dam funny profs who crack over their own jokes and crak us up...

okay, gonna look for some chiken now, im really hungry..


and not forgetting an unforgettable afternoon with the boys in town on saturday, having some sake sushi, where the sashimi salad relaly sucked, and a very unengaging TMNT..which i fell asleep for bit parts of the show...die lah...becoming like colin liao...hohohoo

they look way skinnier, and splinter looks more doggy than rat...the plot is rather different from the usual tmnt, and there are no shredders, just really weird monsters jumping here and there...hahah watch at your own risk, or look out for top critics reviews and flynn's blog...

lastly, the one show that i really wanna catch this fall:

And you've jus got to check out the official website, its totally rocks!!

Little-known fact: Mr Bean actually graduated from Oxford University. serious!

Yep, believe it or not, this guy/show made me fall in love with England.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Emed Emed!

Just briefly a few days after the horrid Pharm and Cofm papers, a new era began.

Emed is exciting, and i embraced it with an energy never unleashed before the past few weeks..I mean, ambulance runs, nightcalls, RTAs, REsus! dam exciting lah! and so i've heard...

Thus far, its been an incessant schedule of tutorials and lectures that leaves me hardly enough time in the ED and of cos sleep laaaaaaaaah!!

However, i'm dam grateful for my tutors lah, they're probably the most powerful and unorthodox, yet highly efficient ones amongst the whole of singapore A&E i reckon...ahaha..and they have an uncanny knack of laughing at their own jokes..

All in all, i'm pretty grateful for my emed in posting at SGH man, been really looking forward to it..there's seriously no better place to work than SGH! hope i get some housemanship at SGH next time man...

Ambulance run 1:

I was posted to a very fine fire station, best in singapore..YISHUN FIRE STATION..rocks man,my paramedics were dam nice and experienced.

However, due to my very presence, which ensured that yishun remains a very safe place, it was largely uneventful until 12noon. thats when my first case started after stoning for an largely unscrumptious morning. Resus case, thot we got it back..but by the time we reached TTSH, hew as let go... he looked at peace though, especially when i could see howmuch he was suffereing before...

and den, i jsut didnt have any calls again until 5pm lah...stoning the whole dam day..yishun is really just too safe..

Ambulance run 2:

This was the night run, the supposedly more exciting one. My paramedics were more fun, and they brought DVDS along man!! so we were posted to the firepost on the outskirts of yishun..and we waited...and watched..and waited and watched...and waited and watched...finally, we waited and we watched again. BEFORE I KNEW IT, it was 7am.

THERE, ZERO calls for the whole night. so much for my ambulance run man.

If you're looking for a safe place to stay, CHOOSE YISHUN! hahah..

come on, last week of Emed, i need more sleep, i need more time.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

my exam woes

i love party girls!

hello, long time no see..i'm only blogging because my exam dates has been pushed forward by a week from 7th march to 1st march...that leaves me with a little more than a month to study for 2 major subjects i have not touched for one year.

these words from a great man probably summarise every suffering m3's sentiments right now:

"i think the dean's office is penalising us for a mistake on their part; their incompetence in foreseeing such problems; and the perenial "act before consulting" by telling external examiners etc...leaving us on the receiving end of terrible administration from a supposed world-clas university and we're supposed to just swollow(sic) this like bitter medicine with total disregard for our rights and welfare.

at the end of the day we will surely accept it, like it or not, but it will not go dwn well and will be remembered for a long time to come."